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The HBA Boar Brush Makes Detangling a Breeze

 Does this sound familiar? You love the look your bundles, ponytails, clip-ins and units give you, but you can confidently skip arm day after wrestling them into submission!

 We’ve all been there. That’s why we customised the HBA Boar Brush as part of our suite of salon-quality hair tools.

Use this paddle-style brush to detangle with ease, brush out curls and wraps, smooth flyaways and more. The pillow-soft air cushion conforms to the contours of your scalp and gentle bristles help you brush from root to tip, without the rip.

Suitable for your HBA extensions as well as your homegrown hair, this brush is a must-have tool in every beauty babe’s arsenal. The  Brush conquers fine and thick hair alike and can be used on wet or dry locks. Snags and snarls will be a thing of the past when you run the Boar Brush through your hair!

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