wig stand




Collapsible Wig Stand

Allows natural drying of your wig and its base material without stretching.

Extra strong rigid frame not to be confused with cheaper stands

Unique top grip section holds the wig from slipping while allowing natural drying of synthetic wigs without stretching.

Extra tall height for longer styles.

Fold flat in seconds for easy transport and storage.

This wig stand is strong and sturdy and perfect for placing your wig upon after shampooing. Air is allowed to flow freely through the base providing natural drying of your wig and its base material without stretching. When not wearing your wig it is ideally best placed on your wig stand to keep it in shape. The unique top section helps prevent the wig from slipping and the tall height also makes is suitable for longer hairstyles. This wig stand is also ideal for travelling as it can be collapsed and flat packed into a suitcase in seconds.



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